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Helping property managers & concierge teams run buildings smarter, faster and more efficiently.

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Awesome Features

Our online property management system is packed with purpose-built tools and benefits for estate managers, concierge teams and residents:


Parcel Tracking

Record packages in, notify residents via email at the push of a button and record a digital signature on collection.


Key Management

Track all key activity – residential or communal – and capture digital signatures when keys are signed out for additional security.


Access Permissions

Residents can communicate entry instructions direct from their panel to concierge and security staff.


Mass Communication

Create, edit and distribute announcements to residents using your own company branding.


Benefits of Lobital

Improved customer experience – Wave goodbye to lost parcels, inconsistent branding and miscommunication. Lobital helps you deliver the best experience to your customers, setting you apart from the competition.

Increased efficiency – Streamline everything you do with automation, mobile access and instant communication. Everything you and your team need in one place.

Time saving – Lobital makes residential property management easier, allowing you to cut down the time spent on day-to-day tasks and focus on delivering the best service to residents.

Money saving – Whether it’s going paperless or saving money on countless different software packages, Lobital helps UK-based property management companies save money and make the most of what they do spend.


We’re Different

Most software providers start with the technology and work backwards. Not Lobital. We wanted to make life easier for property managers, concierge teams and residents. So, we put their experience at the very centre of our software’s design and creation.

With this in mind, we have created a purpose-built, easy-to-use dashboard, which breaks down every feature – every task in the day-to-day management of a building – into a series of effortless steps.

Flexible, Reliable, & Easy to Use



Our professional block management software is super simple and accessible.



Getting started is easy. Lobital’s easy-to-use dashboard breaks down each feature into a series of effortless steps.


Free Setup

There are zero setup costs. Best of all, full training will be provided to all your staff – 100% free of charge.

Give Lobital a try – and fall in love with our innovative, easy-to-use software.

Want to find out more about our cloud-based property management system and how it could help you? Find out everything you need to know in our short video…

Secure your business data with Lobital

Data is invaluable to modern organisations. Whether it’s company information or the details of your clients and customers, it’s a crucial part of your day-to-day operations – and it needs protecting.

That’s why Lobital has a comprehensive set of water-tight data-protection policies, to ensure your information is completely secure and compliant with the latest regulations.

Functional Security

We have a wide range of measures in place to ensure your data is always completely secure:

  • Stringent access control on all our systems
  • Thorough vetting of all new members of staff
  • Comprehensive employee training on data security and privacy
  • All employees are obliged to policies on fair use and privacy
  • Our strict cloud storage process makes sure all data is securely stored in the cloud
  • We have a tried-and-tested incident response plans across the board, whether it’s a data breach, data loss or downtime
  • A data protection policy designed specifically for the latest data regulations, including GDPR

Software security

Lobital is purpose-built with security features to keep your data safe:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Responsive intruder detection
  • Regular tests for 3rd party interference
  • Automatic vulnerability recognition
  • Simple update management
  • Frequent backup storage with full encryption
  • State-of-the-art coding, resilient against even the smartest intrusion technologies
  • Reliable encryption policy to make sure all data is completely protected while remaining completely available to authorised users

Powerful Functions

We want to simplify the tasks you complete on a daily basis. To achieve this, our state-of-the-art property management software is purpose-built with fast, powerful features for estate managers, concierge teams and residents.


Community Calendar

Residents, property managers and concierge staff can track upcoming events, such as maintenance and resident meetings. And all information is all available through a user-friendly resident portal.


Incident/Accident Logs

Record incidents digitally, attach photos and receive instant email notifications of all new reports.


Instant Notifications

Choose between group or individual messages to instantly notify residents about events, deliveries or building maintenance.


Secure Storage

Lobital provides a centralised repository to securely store important information – from building and estate data to staff details and care checks.


Visitor Log

Record all visits to your site, including residents’ guests and any contractors, to stay on top of who has access to the building.


Activity Log

Keep the whole team up to date with an ongoing log of operations. Managers and staff have complete access, with the option to add notes and communicate with other team members.

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