How Does Concierge Software Help Manage My Block?

Managing a residential block is something that takes clearly managed systems, good pla...

Managing a residential block is something that takes clearly managed systems, good planning and responsive teamwork. Anyone working in residential block management will understand how being able to cope with the demands placed on them requires a whole range of responses. 

There is a growing market of concierge software which is designed to make the life of a residential block manager simpler. We’ll take a look at what concierge software such as Lobital can do for estate managers, and how it goes beyond just the front desk.

So, if you’re wondering how concierge software can help you manage your residential building, this should help explain.


Perhaps one of the biggest changes to any industry over the last five or ten years is our ease of communication. With the rise of smartphones, we’ve become accustomed to being able to communicate with everyone from our favourite brands through to our local takeaway, all at the push of a button.


Those living in residential blocks are increasingly expecting to be able to communicate with their management of facilities as easy as possible. When you see feedback for block management companies online, the complaints are usually related to poor management of facilities, lack of communication and poor value for money with the general service support.

Giving residents an easy way to speak to their property managers 24/7 is one of the simplest ways to make people feel like they’re valued and their needs are being listened to.


Wherever you’re managing a residential block, one thing is for sure: People will be worried about the access and security of their building. Using concierge software for block management makes handling the security of an estate much easier.

First of all, it makes it easier for residents or team members to give access permission or schedule visits from contractors or other visitors. Again, this comes down to good communication, which effective software makes much easier.

And secondly, when those visitors arrive, you can easily track who has signed in, which keys have been signed out and to whom, as well as timings and real-time notification to the resident so they know who is in their apartment. Paper ledgers can easily be damaged, lost or incorrectly managed, so managing your security on paper is definitely something that needs updating.


One of the key responsibilities of a block manager is to correctly handle processes such as Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. Correctly managing the three-step consultation process involves:

  • Serving notice of intention of works to all lessees

  • Inviting observations and proposals for the consultations

  • Sending out a Statement of Estimates to all lessees and relevant parties

  • Issuing a Notice of Reasons once the work has been assigned to a contractor

If this isn’t done correctly and the residential management contractor is challenged, they can be fined up to £250 for major works, or £100 for long term agreements, per lessee, for any breach.

As such, it always pays to make sure you understand the procedure and follow it correctly. By using software such as Lobital, you can ensure you comply with the process by communicating with your lessees and keeping a record of all communications.

Beyond Section 20, legislation with regards to storing data or processing information has become even stricter, with huge penalties for breaches. Any company that holds information about people’s private details needs to be sure they’re watertight in accordance with GDPR. 

Using cloud-based software like Lobital means your data is always backed up and stored securely. You also never need to worry about keeping software updated, as this is handled centrally. And, of course, you can avoid keeping those paper records locked in a cupboard or taking up valuable space in your office.   

Managing deliveries

Although handling post isn’t always the remit of a property manager, there is definitely more volume in the world of deliveries. Beyond parcel and package deliveries, you’ll also find fast food and supermarket food deliveries (think Deliveroo and UberEats, or Ocado/Tesco home delivery), laundry and cleaning services - not to mention private callers for the growing spectrum of people who work from home.

Keeping on top of comings and goings in your typical residential block is no easy task, which is why concierge software is becoming an essential addition. After all, if you have an incident of theft, vandalism or missing deliveries, who will be the first person to face a complaint? The property manager!

Think of concierge software not just as a way to streamline your daily tasks and improve communication, but also an insurance policy. If you’re not using an efficient property management software package yet, ask how Lobital can make the difference.